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  • Undetected Splitgate Hacks and Cheats


    Tired of buying hacks and cheats that get detected within days, and you never hear back from the shout your refund or replacement? At AimClub, that's the trust gap we are trying to bridge. 

    But how? By going above and beyond just undetected hacks. Here's a little more about us and our Splitgate hacks and cheats.


    Get the Best Bang For Your Buck With AimClub Splitgate Hacks


    Stay Undetected With the Slot System

    We go the extra mile to keep you away from the prying eyes of anti-cheats. The hacks are made using sophisticated technology, but we use a unique slot system as well. And since usage is restricted to a fixed number of users, chances of detection are even lower.

    Furthermore, a team works around the clock to create and test the hacks for weeks before releasing them to the public. They also update the existing hacks regularly to cope with the improving anti-cheat mechanisms.

    These are some reasons why the Splitgate hacks have been up and running without hassles ever since their release.


    Never Be in The Dark About a Spligate Hack's Status

    Another essential function of this team of developers is to track hacks and update the Status page ASAP if any hack gets detected. You'll also know if a hack is undergoing an update and whether it is safe to use it or not.

    This ensures you do not use an inactive hack and end up with a banned account while new users do not waste their money on inactive hacks.


    Get Help Anytime, Anywhere

    Not sure how to download the custom loader? Or maybe you are unable to pay via card or PayPal? Whatever your doubts, we want them cleared quickly. This is why AimClub does not rely on the old and slow ticket system. 

    Now you can get help instantly from anywhere in the world thanks to the 24*7 chat. Waiting time in the queues is minimal, and our support staff will go the extra mile to help you. 

    You can also refer to the FAQ page, where you'll find answers to some questions the team is asked pretty much daily. This makes the FAQ page another quick and efficient way to find solutions.


    Cost-effective Splitgate Hacks and Cheats

    Do you really want to pay $100 or more when you can get the hacks for cheaper? No, right? And considering the slot system makes it extra safe, you get the best value for your money. 

    In case you do not want to spend on 30-day access or you use hacks occasionally, there are 7-day plans and 24-hour plans as well (there's something for everyone at AimClub).


    Which Splitgate Hacks Can You Find On AimClub


    Aim Like a Pro With Splitgate Aimbot

    Don't you hate hit when you spray bullets all around only to realize you killed the wall and everything around while the enemy stands all only to kill you a few seconds later with lesser bullets? Aghh, the horror.

    Well, Aimbot helps you solve that and allows you to aim like a pro with minimal effort. It is the most commonly used hack, especially by newbie gamers, and makes getting headshots ultra-easy even when you are further away.

    But you do not want to make the hack obvious as the users might complain, resulting in a permanent ban. This is why the Splitgate Aimbot hack comes with FOV and smoothening. FOV ensures you aren't aiming like a sniper with a handgun by restricting the distance of a 100% accurate aim. 

    On the other hand, smoothening adds more realism to the shots. And these aren't the only settings. There's more you can tweak and play around with to ensure no one can tell whether you are using a hack or not.


    Know Your Enemies Positioning with Splitgate Wallhack

    Isn't it annoying when someone hides behind walls camping the whole time and sneak attacks you from the back? With Wallhack, that's going to be an issue of the past.

    That's because Wallhack does exactly what the name suggests, allowing you to look for enemies hiding behind walls and other objects. If you are playing on an unfamiliar map, this is just the helping hand you need to succeed.


    Splitgate ESP For Added Benefits

    Did you know ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception? And while you might think of it as similar to Wallhack, there's more to ESP than just looking through walls and objects. 

    With ESP, you get glow settings. This option lights up the enemy, giving you a better idea of where they are hiding or running (because, yes, many of them will run away from you now). But if you do not want it, feel free to turn it off.

    There's also the hitbox function where enemies appear as hitboxes making it easy to spot, aim, and finish them off in seconds.

    Apart from that, ESP ensures you aren't ever stranded all by yourself as you can easily track your teammates as well. Now plan and attack your enemies like a real army or commando unit would.

    Another thing ESP does over Wallhack is to give you details about your enemies, such as their health status, weapon details, and names for better-coordinated attacks.


    Never Lose Track of an Enemy with Splitgate Radar Hack

    If you want a safe in-game hack that is useful and at a lower risk of detection, radar is your best bet. While ESP and Wallhack tell you about enemies close to you, radar shows you your enemies and friends all around.


    How? By coloring friends and enemies differently on the map. Though keep in mind, radar alone does not help you look through walls and objects, but if you are semi-pro, this is probably the only hack you need.

  • Disclaimer

    No cheat is ever 100% safe, you will have a risk of being banned on your account, even with us. We ensure that our cheats remain automatically undetectable for as long as possible. Manual bans are still possible and are now a more common way of banning players who are utilizing cheats that cannot be automatically detected. We would never recommend for you to cheat on an account that you value.

    The Process of Using Our Cheats:

    01: Sign Up & Buy

    Sign up and purchase the game cheat of your choosing.

    02: Follow the Guides

    Follow the detailed guides provided to set up your system ready to cheat.

    03: Download Loader

    Download the relevant cheat loader once setup is completed.

    04: Game time!

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