League of Legends Scripts

Undetected League of Legends Scripts with limited slots to enhance your protection

Undetected League Scripts

League of Legends is a difficult skill-based multiplayer game. Scripting on League of Legends gives you the skill you need to dominate every game and increase your competitive ranking. 





Premium Evade+
  • Fully configurable spells
  • Dodges Lines,
  • Circles,
  • Rings,
  • Cones
  • Dash,
  • Blink,
  • Flash Support
Premium Orbwalker
  • Hotkeys for Combo,
  • Mixed,
  • Lane Clear,
  • Last Hit,
  • Flee,
  • Spellfarm Stick to target, Jungle Plants,
  • Hold Radius,
  • No Minimap Movement,
  • Don’t autoattack in Combo option
  • Champion Hud with Exp
  • Cooldown Side Hud with Health, Mana, Ult, Summoners and Last Seen
  • Trackers: MIA, Wards, Traps, Jungle Timers Radar, Gank Alert, Turret Range, Clones, Recalls
Bonus Features
  • Full Champion Support- Fully Customizable Champion Logic
  • FPS Boost – Stable script, running in the background without FPS drops
  • Multi-Language Support – EN, CN, BR, RU, TUR, VN, KR +moore!
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